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Brand Advocacy

Superpromoters are the ultimate brand advocates, they are the customers who have the most influence on an organisation's success.

Superpromoters are the champions of ‘word of mouth’, they share their opinions, they do so with enthusiasm and are highly influential amongst their social network.

Until recently, Superpromoters have been unseen and unnoticed as they make recommendations about brands and products, influencing the people around them.

Without being asked, Superpromoters encourage product trial, introduce new customers, defend brand reputations and disseminate positive information about their favourite brands.

Superpromoters make the ideal focus group respondent:

    > They are engaged with the product or brand

    > They have opinions and want to share them

    > They are influencers, not followers

    > They instinctively know what's right and wrong for a brand

Superpromoters are not representative of a brand's total audience but they exert the most influence over that audience and make qualitative investigation a more rewarding, productive and insightful process.

Superpromoters exert the most influence on consumer decision making

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Focus on the Flow of Enthusiasm